Dr. Robert Cappell

  • Dr. Robert Cappell
    Dentist, North York, ON

    After graduating in 1984 from the University of Toronto with an Honors science degree focused in Dentistry, Dr. Robert Cappell dedicated his life to caring for his patients.

    Dr. Robert Cappell brings over 35 years of experience. In his career, he has completed well over 10,000 root canals and 10,000 crowns, along with many other services.

    While his credentials are undoubtedly impressive, his dedication to his patients deserves even higher praise. Dr. Cappell’s approach focuses on your mouth as the first line of defense for your overall health. After all, everything that goes into your body typically comes from your mouth, which is why it is vital to protect your health.

    He is not afraid of the challenges in dentistry and is well-prepared to tackle most disciplines, thanks to continued education throughout his career.

    Here are just a few of the dentistry services that Dr. Cappell can help you with:

    – single tooth implant and full arches
    – orthodontics including Invisalign and conventional metal braces
    – smile enhancements
    – root canals
    – fillings
    – one appointment permanent crowns

    Dr. Cappell is dedicated to providing the highest level of care. All of his new patients undergo an in-depth risk management assessment to determine how he can help improve their oral health. His approach is if you ask more questions, you get better answers!

    For Dr. Cappell, dentistry is about much more than looks. The function is of utmost importance. He is truly focused on helping you become a healthier version of yourself to remain asymptomatic.

    Dr. Cappell works with you to formulate an individualized plan for optimal dental health. Whether you struggle with an unbalanced bite or have difficulty chewing, he will sit down with you to discuss the many options that could work for you.

    Beyond the dental office, Dr. Cappell is a valued Kois Mentor. Over the course of three years, he developed the Kois Learning Center curriculum using Iterro and Cerec technologies. This was truly a pivotal time in Dr. Cappell’s life and career.

    Dr. Cappell is happy to meet new patients and spread his expertise to bring more healthy and happy smiles to the North York community.

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