CEREC One-Visit Crowns

CEREC Single-Visit Dental Crowns in North York, ON

Back in the day, if you had a cavity or broken tooth and your dentist said it needed a crown, you would have to schedule at least two appointments to have it designed and placed. In between those visits, you’d be stuck with an unreliable temporary crown that would most likely break or simply fall out. To save our patients the hassle, we’ve invested in CEREC, a system that enables us to create custom-made dental crowns in just one streamlined visit, saving you time without compromising on quality.

What are the Benefits of CEREC?

Single Visit Crowns North York

Using innovative CEREC technology, our dentists can create and place long-lasting, all-ceramic crowns, veneers, and onlays in just one dental appointment. Thanks to CEREC, you can restore a damaged tooth in a couple of hours, rather than having to schedule two or three separate appointments to get a standard crown.

CEREC also eliminates the need to wear a temporary crown. We’ve eliminated the “goop” that is a thing of the past, needing to stay in your mouth for what seems like forever. During your appointment, our dentist will simply take a digital impression of the relevant tooth and then mill your custom ceramic restoration on the spot. You’ll walk out of our dental office with your final crown in place.

What is Involved in Getting a CEREC Crown?

It might be hard to believe but you’ll come into our office and in about 1-2 hours you’ll have a brand-new permanent crown. Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that cover a natural tooth to make the tooth strong and fully functional again after damage, injury or decay.

Once we determine that you are the ideal candidate for a same-day crown, this quick treatment involves,

Taking Digital Impressions

We will need to take impressions of your tooth in order to make a restoration that will provide the exact measurements needed to fit properly. Of course, impressions usually mean getting molds of your teeth, but with this amazing CEREC technology we can easily take these measurements with a small handheld camera. No annoying molds to deal with. It only takes a couple minutes to capture the images we need.

Designing and Fabricating Your CEREC Crown

Once one of our North York dentists snaps the necessary photos of your tooth, these photos will be uploaded to the computer and turned into 3D images. We will use these images to design an artificial tooth that will fit right over your natural tooth. Once the crown is designed the next step is to fabricate it.

Based on the shade of your teeth we will choose the proper block of ceramic that will blend right in with the rest of your smile. From there, we will place the block into the milling station, where it will immediately chisel away your restoration while you wait.

Fitting and Placing the Crown

Once the crown is complete, the next step is to place the crown over your tooth. We will check the fit of the crown before we cement it into place. Once cemented into place, we will give it one good, final polish before the process is complete.

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