IV Sedation

IV Sedation Dentistry in North York, ON

Most commonly used in oral surgeries or long procedures, IV sedation can help to lessen high levels of anxiety and phobias associated with the dentist, especially therapies that include needles or drills, and make any dental procedure in our dental office pleasant. Additionally, patients with sensitive gag reflexes, TMJ/TMD, or other neuromuscular issues that might make it difficult to keep their mouth open for time-consuming procedures can often benefit from IV sedation. Your dentist takes plenty of time to talk with you about your anxiety level, medical issues, health history, and any prescription medications you might be taking to determine if IV sedation is safe for you.

The amount of sedative we administer will correlate to the level of anxiety, fear, or discomfort. With IV sedation, our team has extraordinary control over how deeply relaxed you become and can tailor the IV sedation to your needs. Depending on the amount of IV sedation you receive, you will probably feel marked drowsiness or fall asleep during your treatment. Most of the time, patients remain conscious enough to respond to questions but feel quite calm and peaceful, remembering little, if anything, about the appointment.

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