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Sleep Apnea Therapy – North York • Toronto, Ontario

Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring man

Snoring can be annoying on its own, but if it’s accompanied by excessive drowsiness during the day, it could be a sign that you’re suffering from sleep apnea. Not only will this prevent you from getting a good night’s rest, but it could also put your health at serious risk. Luckily, at Dentistry in Motion we can offer custom-made oral appliances that will help you stay fast asleep – and as a bonus, they can also stop your snoring so that you won’t disturb your partner or other nearby sleepers! Take the first step by contacting our dental office and scheduling a consultation today to discuss sleep apnea therapy in North York Toronto, Ontario.

Signs of Sleep Apnea

Snoring woman

Sleep apnea is a disorder where your breathing keeps stopping while you’re asleep, forcing you to wake up. This can happen many times during the night, but it’s so brief that you might not even remember it. Snoring and gasping for air in your sleep are the most easily noticeable symptoms (and you would, of course, need someone else to tell you about them), but other potential signs include:

It’s better to be safe than sorry if you think you’ve got sleep apnea; otherwise, you could risk suffering from a heart attack or other potentially deadly problems.

What is a Sleep Study?

Sleep study

To confirm that you’re really suffering from sleep apnea, you’ll need to undergo a sleep study, which is usually performed at a sleep center or in your own home. A special device will record your body’s activity while you sleep. This means monitoring your progress through the stages of sleep (as in, REM and non-REM) and checking for possible disruptions. Eye movements, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, breathing rate, snoring and body movements are all measured as well. With this information, it’s possible to diagnose sleep apnea and form an appropriate plan.

Oral Appliance Therapy

Sleep apnea appliance

What happens if you do turn out to have sleep apnea? This sleeping disorder is usually treated with a CPAP machine, but this big, bulky, and inconvenient device comes with problems of its own. Thankfully, we offer oral appliance therapy to give our patients a way to sleep without worrying about maintaining and transporting a machine. Read on to see how we can use an oral appliance to help you stay rested and refreshed.

Learn More About Oral Appliance Therapy

Sleep Apnea Therapy and Dental Insurance

If you have medical insurance, you should check your benefits to see if sleep apnea therapy is covered. Most plans will cover oral appliance therapy; they’ll also usually pay for a CPAP machine. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re getting the most out of your insurance. For patients without coverage, we’re happy to offer low-to-no interest financing plans that will break up the cost of your treatment into smaller payments in a way that works within the requirements of your personal budget.

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