5 Ways to relieve sensitive teeth

If you get nervous when asked out on an ice cream date, or if you avoid hot coco like the plague, you know what it is like to suffer from sensitive teeth.  Here are a few reasons you may have sensitive teeth and 5 proven ways to beat it!

Why you might have sensitive teeth

·         You have dental disease, or cavities, in need of restoration or root canal

·         You have exposed root surfaces

·         You clench or grind

·         You have enamel abrasion due to abrasive toothpastes and overly firm toothbrushes

·         You have acid erosion due to acidic diet, acid reflux disease, and/or frequent vomiting

·         You have poor fitting or deteriorating dental work

·         You have been whitening

Teeth have pores in the enamel, just like skin, and these pores lead into the teeth and influence the nerves deep inside. If these pores are opened, exposed, or infected, they provide direct access to stimulation of the nerves.  These nerves are unique in that if stimulation it is hot, cold or sweet, the only sensation you will feel is PAIN.

5 things you can do

  1. First, consult a dentist in order to identify the cause of your sensitivity
  2. Be aware of products that contain excess abrasives or are acidic as they may contribute to the problem
  3. Find products high in Fluoride.  Fluoride helps insulate the nerve by forming crystals over the open pores in the enamel
  4. Products that can neutralize an acidic oral environment may reduce sensitivity.
  5. Products that contain Nano particles of hydroxyapetite have proven to reduce sensitivity

Sensitive teeth can keep you from enjoying many things that you used to.  If you are concerned about your level of sensitivity or have questions, ask contact us today.